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Web-site current ranking and analysis:

Domain name acquisition:


Web-site/Blog tool:

Starter web-site/blog 2 pages shell:

  • Bronze - SEO ready, domain name acquisition, search engine submission
  • Silver - SEO and keywords ready, domain name acquisition, search engine submission
  • Gold - SEO and keywords ready, domain name acquisition, search engine submission, Social Media integration
  • Platinum - the works including directory listings, RSS feeds, back-links integration, local SEO etc

    Increasing free web traffic to your web-site:
  • Web-site current ranking and analysis
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Domain name acquisition
  • Web-site redesign to optimise for SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Search engine submissions
  • Back-Links and directory submissions
  • Content syndication through RSS feeds

    Email Marketing automation: free up time and increase sales while you sleep.
  • integration to web-site, auto-responders, tracking





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                       Business Solutions Details                           

                                       Domain Name acquisition                                        
I recommend acquiring domain name(s) yourself if your domain name is straight-forward, once you have done keyword research and analysis.  Then using your main target keyword, use that as your domain name.

GoDaddy provides the cheapest domain names - click on this banner below to purchase your domain name(s) from GoDaddy.  They offer discounts if you purchase in bulk.

If your domain name is already taken - you can purchase a report from Karen to get tips on how to create variations on your keywords to get an available domain name or how to look for an aged domain while still adhering to SEO guidelines.

                                          Web Hosting provider                                          
I use HostGator for my web hosting for my ballroom blog - this is the best value for money.  The Baby plan provides for unlimited domains for around $10/month.  As I have multiple web-sites, multiple domain names and multiple businesses - this is the best value for my needs. 

Click on the HostGator banner below to purchase your web-hosting if this meets your needs. 

I also use Yahoo web-hosting services for my art web-site but it only supports one domain name.  This is historical as I built my art web-site in 2002 and hostgator was not around then.  My plan is to migrate my art web-site to Hostgator.com by the end of this year.

I use GoDaddy web-hosting services for around $5/month which provides me with 5 pages only for this web-site.  The GoDaddy hosting model is similar to Yahoo, you only get 1 domain name for the hosting service.  This is too restrictive for me so I will eventually migrate this web-site to Hostgator.com.

if your domain name is straight-forward, once you have done keyword research and analysis.  Then using your main target keyword, use that as your dom

                                            Web-site/Blog tool                                            
I use WordPress Direct for my main Ballroom Dance blog and also WordPress for my secondary Ballroom Dance blog.  I use Yahoo's Site Builder for my art web-site and I use GoDaddy's Website Tonight for this web-site. 

My use of Yahoo is historical as I built my art web-site in 2002 using their first tool PageBuilder.  Then I was forced to migrate to Yahoo's site builder in 2007 - which caused some of my background colors etc to disappear.  Yahoo's site builder is easy to use and I do like the fact that I can work on my web-site offline (without internet connection) and then publish it later.  However, they do not have blogging tools and they rely on WordPress for building blogs.  Also it is not SEO optimised so I now am in the process of having to go through every page of my art web-site and change the titles, headings, names etc.

I don't like GoDaddy's website building tools - it is cumbersome to use especially when it comes to making changes to the navigation of the pages and making changes in the one page because of their blocking system.  It's also relatively buggy and the font type and sizes will spontaneously change by themselves which drives me nuts!  WordPress is so much more intuitive and faster.  Again, not automatically SEO optimised so I had to go back and re-engineer the page names, titles, headings etc as the defaults were useless for SEO.

I recommend using WordPress if you are just starting out.  It's free. 

If you already have an established business or you are starting a business which you know is going to be long term, then use WordPress Direct which has more functionality and analytics.  There's a free trial period for WordPress Direct.  Both are optimised for SEO so it will save you a ton of time and money.  Click on the link below to sign-up with WordPress Direct.


                                   Email marketing automation:                                      
                   Free up your time and increase sales while you sleep.                  

Capture emails from your web-site and with a series of personalised automated emails, continue  contact with visitors to your web-site, building a relationship with them and moving them down the sales cycle in your sleep.

Keep in touch with your customers, using email automation to build brand loyalty and repeat business by cross-selling and up-selling your services and products.

Leverage real time tracking and reporting allow in-depth analysis of your customer and prospects behavior.

There are many email marketing system providers.  The reason why I chose Constant Contact is because it was really easy to use, it had the most visually appealing templates (I mainly use it for my art business, visual appeal is key) and they also offer survey and event registration functionality which I need.  Their online training is very good, they have lots of other value add to teach you more about marketing and they have real live people for phone support who know what they are talking about. 

Download my free report below which is a case study on my implementation of the Constant Contact email marketing system and the benefits I got from it.

I pay $15 per month for this service and I also signed up as a business partner because I could see that my clients could benefit from it.  But don't expect to get results just because you are now sending emails to your customer base. 

What is lacking is solid marketing advice which is where I help my clients so that they understand how to position themselves, what type of copy will get the best response, what kind of packaging/offers will drive more sales.  Copy is very important - how to write headlines that makes people want to open the email instead of hitting delete, what frequency to email so you don't piss off your customers, what kind of content to provide so your customers look forward to your emails and don't get so annoyed by it that they don't even want to come into your premises, what kind of offers will get you new clients or upsell business etc.

I am currently evaluating mailchimp which provides free email marketing for up to 500 names.  It's not as intuitive as Constant Contact and not as visually appealing.  However, there is a place for it if your business is a commodity business and you are competing on pricing and not value.  In this case you just need to get your coupons, special offers out.  I would still argue that a visually appealing email will make your business stand-out ahead of your competition.  I'll have an update and report for this when I finish my implementation of mailchimp.

Sign-up for a 60 day free trial using Constant Contact -

Constant Contact(R)
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 About Karen 

Karen Mills is a self-made business woman.  Even though she did not have the typical advantages of parents, childhood, family, friends or a network, she has found ways of not only surviving but winning in the competitive arena of business and in life.

Karen is a 2 times immigrant – from Malaysia to Australia and from Australia to the US.  She is an expert in making new starts in new countries, new cities and new careers with no help, no friends and no network.

Her amazing capacity for adapting to a constantly changing environment is the key to her success.  Karen holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science and a graduate Degree in Chemistry, creating 15 new compounds which were published in 2 prestigious scientific publications.  Karen was always at the forefront of technology from the early days of the mini-computers, databases, PCs, applications software and the Internet, working for highly successful companies like Oracle, Microsoft, startups and Internet startups like CommerceBid.com and CommerceOne.

Karen worked in every aspect of the technology industry: development, customer support, sales support, marketing, operations, business development, channels and alliances and sales, covering geographies from Australia to Asia-Pacific, US and Canada, UK, Europe and Eastern Europe and Latin America, giving her a 360 degree view of the industry.  Her ability to pick startup winners made Karen a millionaire by age 38.  Karen left corporate America to focus on her passions and to incubate small businesses. 

She has made many difficult life choices along the way to uphold her happiness. Throughout her life, Karen’s coaching and mentoring has changed the lives of hundreds of people and is very rewarding.  Karen’s experiments in living life simply with integrity and joy have led her to focus on serving others through her talents.  Karen coaches business owners to help them work less, make more money and get their lives back!

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